Delvene Cockatoo-Collins contributes to Redlands coast branding strategy & logo design.

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The Redlands is set to emerge with an exciting new identity after Council today agreed to endorse a place brand for the city, following consultation with almost 5,000 locals, business owners and visitors.

Article snippet and image courtesy of Redland City Council News.

Renowned artist Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, whose family belongs to Quandamooka Country and who designed the 2018 Commonwealth Games medals, contributed to the Redlands Coast logo design.

“The symbols in the middle of both the ‘r’ and the ‘c’ of the logo subtly represent the physical elements of the land and sea, including the shells on the coastline and the landscape within the Redlands,” Ms Cockatoo-Collins said.

“The essence of the beaches and coastline, the patterns of the shells, the rhythm of the waves and their impact on the soft sand lines which shift with every tide, and are forever marked within the shells that are brought with the tideline, inspire a lot of what I produce.”

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